We Have helped over 110 Families by donating over $100,000 in in Free Bedding to Woolsey Fire Victims!

With our factory location, as well as many of our local employee residences directly in the path of the Southern California Woolsey Fire that burnt over 88% of the local Santa Monica mountain chain, we felt very fortunate to have our structures still standing and wanted to find a way to help those who were not as fortunate.   So, we decided to offer up to $1000 worth of bedding to each family that has lost their homes from the Woolsey Fire, as well as a free pillow to 1st responders as a way of showing our deep gratitude for all of their hard work in saving our neighborhoods and hopefully, help them to get them the much deserved sleep they really need! With the help of the local eatery Brent’s Deli, we put on an event that kicked off the start to our giveaway, where we met dozens of fire victims who told us of their heart breaking and sometimes down-right harrowing stories.  To date, we have passed the $100,000 mark worth of donated bedding with no obligation whatsoever.  Going forward, we plan to continue to help fire victims with free bedding when purchasing a mattress at a special discounted price.  We are proud of the way our community came together and are thankful for the amazing job our first responders did in containing the fire and saving so many residences and lives in the process! 

See the video on ABC 7 News.


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