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Renee Palkovsky

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews


The customer service has blown my mind.

In today’s world, customer service seems to have been lost but Ultra Bed and Mattress has kept the meaning of customer service alive. They have gone above and beyond for me. I had a guest coming in last minute so they gave me a temporary bed that was arguably more comfortable than the bed I ordered. They delivered it next day and set it up, and then when my mattress came in they delivered it, switched it with the temp, and took the old one. I never lifted a finger. It was so seamless. They also matched the price puffy had advertised on their site, no questions asked. Rick, thank you for your dedication to making your customers happy.

Zon Harper

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews


This has been an excellent experience purchasing a mattress!

Luna was extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well as being very patient while we tested countless mattresses. They have an enormous selection of different brands in addition to being able to fully customize their in-house brand. Different firmness levels for you and your partner in the same mattress- no problem! A custom 10ft wide bed and sheets to fit it- no problem!
Don’t order a bed in a box that you are unhappy with and have to deal with shipping it back.
Ultrabed is definitely worth the drive from wherever you are.

Jon Levon

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews


I can’t tell you how happy my wife and I are…

Recently we purchased the Ultrabed Flex-Tech Adjust Gel Series 5 with in a Split-Top with an adjustable base. I can’t tell you how happy my wife and I are about this brand and the experience we had at Ultrabed store in Agoura Hills, CA. Rick, the owner, is very knowledgeable on many different brands including their own line not to mention he’s a Chiropractor. I was lucky enough to deal with him directly and he was very patient as I looked at many different styles and types from the industry. In the few months we have owned our new bed, my wife and I have noticed how much better we are sleeping through the night while still keeping that very comfortable bed “feel” (even more so) then we previously had. The main difference is the adjustable factor where both of us can raise or lower our side(s) at our own discretion….Such a bonus where we initially were going to buy a traditional flat bed like we’ve been accustomed to all our lives. The advantage of this Ultrabed store is they have all types and styles for customers to choose from and I’m very pleased we found them in our area. Thanks Ultrabed! Best, Jon

Maksym Serdiukov

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews


Absolutely thrilled with Ultrabed!

Their custom 108×84 inch bed and personalized wall design surpassed all expectations. The bed is a masterpiece of comfort and craftsmanship, fitting perfectly into my space. The wall design is stunning; they captured my vision flawlessly. Professionalism and dedication shone through every step, from concept to manufacturing. Ultrabed transformed my space into a haven of beauty and individuality. Not just furniture, but true artistry. For anyone seeking to elevate their space, Ultrabed is the ultimate choice. Immense thanks for making my dream space a reality.

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

Douglas S.

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews



What a pleasure working with the friendly staff…

What a pleasure working with a friendly staff that remained vigilant to my needs yet gave me room to try everything without ongoing shadowing on the vast amount of mattress choices on the showroom floor, which in my opinion is far better than guess work and logistics with online only. I ultimately went with the Tempflow.
My sincere complements to Bredon and his knowledge, patience and understanding as a breath of fresh air that helped me feel like my decision was made with all possible information and opportunities in which to try various scenarios.


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Highly recommend Ultrabed!

We walked into Ultrabed Mattress for the sole purpose of trying out a vector. The nector was nice but then Jordan had us try a back science which he told us was designed by the owner who is a chiropractor. Also made in the factory right next door. The thing we loved about the back science mattress was the gel foam and side support. Also it is almost fully customizable, you want more lumbar support they will do it or send you the pieces with instructions. Jordan was so amazing and knowledgeable. He wasn’t pushy and didn’t try to sway us. He just gave us the information and let us decided. Highly recommend Ultrabed! I will update after a couple months on the bed!

Marty Goodman

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A wonderful experience…

A wonderful experience working with Dr. Rick to come up with a sleeping solution for a lifelong back and shoulder problem. Excellent customer care coupled with deep knowledge and a solution oriented approach.

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Ian F.

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Update: After 2 months my wife’s back pain at night is gone! Thank you Dr. Rick and the incredible team at Ultrabed for your recommendations and expertise in finding us a great Back Science mattress!

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Amy T.

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Emily B.

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews



Great experience!

Very friendly and supportive staff. Highly recommend this shop is you’re looking for a mattress!

Lori W.

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They are so knowledgeable…

Dr Rick DC and Jordan went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. We must have tried over a dozen beds while they patiently and thoroughly explained the construction and aspects of each one. They are so knowledgeable. There was no pressure and no rushing. We visited the showroom three times before deciding. They even comped us two pillows and immediately matched the lowest online price we found. Highly recommend this business. The owner, Dr Rick is a chiropractor; his knowledge is priceless. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else if you are mattress shopping.

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Mattress Testimonials

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“Just a note to say the split king bed arrived yesterday and we had our first night’s sleep on it. IT IS AMAZING and we wonder why we didn’t look into this type bed a long time ago. Of course, we have only had it less than a day but we feel confident enough to send this EMail praising the product after a (very short) test period. We will, of course, let you know our
thoughts about the product as time goes on. You should also know that the
two people from Cleveland, OH. who delivered and set up the bed were excellent, courteous, and professional.”

Brenton Massie

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“These are the best-ever mattresses… cool and always comfortable… I can/will never go back to the old ‘poke-you-in -the-back’ spring mattresses again! I have not heard ANY comments other than how wonderful a night’s sleep was had by all…not too hard; not too soft; …just RIGHT! Thanks to Jim for making this happen…. I recommend this company to anyone… esp., within the NOAA Fleet!” Cheers!


mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“I have never slept so well. These are great. Thank you.”


mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“Best night’s sleep I’ve had since I’ve been on the ship.”

Roger Stone, CB, NOAA Ship Kaimimoana

mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“I think these new mattresses are the best improvement in quality of life overall this year. If given a choice between Internet at sea and a good night’s sleep, I would choose the sleep. I no longer wake up with back pain. Thanks.”


mattress review Mattress Testimonials and Reviews

“I wanted to write and give you some feedback on the mattress. They are a HUGE hit! Everyone cannot say enough about how much better they are sleeping and how refreshed they feel when they rise. Personally, I sleep much sounder and my back and shoulder pain is gone. I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular mattress. Word is spreading as well.”

Ben LaCour

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