Memory Foam Mattress

We offer the highest quality, 100% USA made, memory foam. Our memory foam is available in a multitude of options and will be custom made to your liking. Whether you are looking for an ultra soft, ultra firm, or in the middle memory foam mattress, we can can do it. As well, learn more below our exclusive air-flow transfer system.

Memory Foam

Our mattresses use our special proprietary, pressure sensitive, viscoelastic memory foam material that is free of dangerous chemicals like PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine. An independent laboratory even measured no V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgas ratings for a truly hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic experience. Our superior density memory foam utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that produces a finished product that has been tested at over 10 times the compression strength for durability under extreme conditions of the required standards for foam, as set forth by the ASTM International standards (originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials).

Optional Airflow System

Our patented Airflow Transfer Systemâ„¢ allows the cooler air to flow in two directions even when you are sleeping in the same position throughout the night. Cooler air will enter through the many small holes that go down through the surface of the memory foam and out through the convoluted channels on the firmer base foam. It also works in reverse, as air can enter through the sides and up through the surface holes. This unique system also allows a heat transfer as the warmer air radiates off the body and ventilates down through the holes and out the sides of the mattress. That is why we always keep a breathable fabric where the channels exit on the sides of the mattress. In addition, a greater volume of airflow transfer will occur with even the slightest movements that occur throughout the sleeping process. While some mattress companies offer airflow through the middle layer of the mattress, they fall short of allowing the mattress user to receive any airflow benefit, since it is well known that good quality memory foam does not breathe well due to its heavier weight and compact cell structure (the very reason that memory foam feels so dense when you lay on it). That is why this patented airflow circulation technology will really keep your body temperature constant throughout the night.