The best way to showcase the elegance of your bed is to adorn it with an ultra luxurious headboard. At Ultrabed® we spare no expense in matching our headboards with your bed and bedroom to provide you with that extra touch of class.


With the introduction our new high-end, ultra luxurious, oversized mattresses comes the addition of our quality and elegant headboards. Ultrabed offers the highest quality headboards available. With your larger than life bed designed to your liking, why not include a matching headboard to show off the class and expressiveness that has come with your mattress?

For more information about the new Ultrabed ask our Design and Engineering specialists at (800) 667-1969!

As you can see on this page we are able to offer a wide array of designs and choices for your new headboard. Along with these choices we can custom make almost any design you may desire!


Whatever the size or shape we can design the perfect headboard to match your new or existing bed. See below for a few examples: