Adjustable Beds

As manufacturers of the finest mattresses made today, Ultrabed sells all of the top adjustable base brands.

Finding the right regular or custom mattress is not a one-hour process. At headquarters we speak every day with customers who have been unhappy with a mattress purchased at their local store. Even after spending what they thought was an adequate time to test it, they find sleeping on it to be uncomfortable. While foam mattresses and toppers are becoming more popular every day, we know that there are still a lot of questions you may have before you are ready to make a decision. Therefore, we have set up knowledgeable and friendly sleep experts who can help you make the best decision, and we encourage you to look over our customer testimonials for an outside perspective.

Here at we offer an array of different adjustable bed types with a myriad of features. Below are some of the features available:

  • Superior Wallhugger® action keeps you close to your nightstand as you adjust your position.
  • Removable legs so the bed can be lowered to the floor.
  • Models come with wired or wireless remotes for easy control.
  • Variable speed therapeutic body massage motors to relax tired muscles and help circulation.

Our mattresses use our special proprietary, pressure sensitive, viscoelastic memory foam material that is free of dangerous chemicals like PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine. An independent laboratory even measured no V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgas ratings for a truly hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic experience. Our superior density memory foam utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that produces a finished product that has been tested at over 10 times the compression strength for durability under extreme conditions of the required standards for foam, as set forth by the ASTM International standards (originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials).


Other Mattress Types