Custom Size Beds

Ultrabed® is the largest manufacturer of luxury oversized mattresses that are each made to your specifications. Unlike other custom mattress companies, we actually make each mattress as a one piece design, so you will never have to worry about separations or crevices to disturb your comfort. These extreme sizes make your bed the most comfortable and roomy sleep you have always dreamed of! We start with sizes as small as 8 x 7 foot and go to sizes of 10 x 12 foot and beyond!  We produce a range of ultra-luxury mattresses such as high density memory foam, air, traditional pillow-top, natural latex and more!

Whatever the reason... whatever the size... whatever the shape, we can make it! Have you ever wanted a custom bed made to your specifications? We not only can make a range of various custom designs, but can make you virtually anything that you can dream up! We even make specially designed mattresses for your yacht or RV.

Introducing our new high-end, ultra luxurious, oversized mattress. Ultrabed® offers the most exclusive oversized and custom beds available. Have your larger than life bed designed using the highest luxury material for the most comfortable night's rest.

For more information about the new Ultrabed® ask our Design and Engineering specialists at (800) 667-1969!

As you can see on the top of this page, our model (at an average 5'7" in height) appears TINY on one of our custom mattresses! We make beds from SMALL to big-BIG-BIG! No matter what your dream is, we can make it a reality!

For the Sunday, October 30, 2005 edition of ABC-TV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, we are proud to have donated an 80-inch round latex custom mattress made to look like a basketball!

Lead guitarist Michael Einziger, from the popular California rock band Incubus, asked us build a custom mattress to fit the shape of his unique media room loft area, giving him the ability to sit comfortably and play the guitar while watching his favorite movie, and also lie back and get some much needed blissful sleep.